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1st Signs of Pregnancy

What are the First Symptoms of Pregnancy?

We always assume that a woman should notice symptoms that explain whether she is expecting a baby. On the contrary, it is possible for a woman to carry a child in her womb for several months without knowing that she is expectant. In most cases, this happens because some of the 1st signs of pregnancy can be confused with other conditions that may be present. An early sign of pregnancy can show up very quickly, so most women miss it. Especially if they weren't expecting to get pregnant in the first place.

A woman's body experiences hormonal changes during her menses. So, most of the symptoms associated with this natural occurrence resemble those of a pregnant woman. This can be an early indication of the first signs of pregnancy and the symptoms of pregnancy that can show up early on. However, if a woman is paying close attention to her body, she can isolate some of these symptoms to the very 1st sign of pregnancy, and get a firm answer about whether she is expecting or not. The woman may feel like her breasts have increased in size considerably and they have become very sensitive to touch to the point of slight pain. However, this symptom is also present during the periods, so sometimes it is harder to detect. There are other symptoms of pregnancy that are not hard to miss.

Probably the most distinctive early sign of pregnancy is experiencing bouts of morning sickness. A woman may get queasy in the morning, especially at the smell of food. Unless it is caused by another illness, this is one of the 1st signs of pregnancy experienced in the initial 3 months. For some women, they may not have the nauseate tendency or they may get it when carrying one child and not have it in the second born. In addition, since the baby in the womb is growing, a woman may get bowel inconveniences that will prompt her to visit the bathroom more frequently than usual. The weight of the child exerts pressure on her bowels and she has to urinate often. This is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that will usually show up more often in the second trimester.

Another early sign of pregnancy is when the new mom will just crave for food whether it is in or out of season. In this case, you might find a woman moving from one store to the other looking for a certain delicacy that is probably not available locally. She may even crave for food she did not have a liking for before. The first sign of pregnancy generally points to the taste buds. If it is already a few months on, there might be some stretch marks around the stomach and the breasts. When most of these 1st signs of pregnancy are visible, going for the pregnancy test is the sure way to dismiss the possibility of other conditions and assure the woman she will be a mother in nine months time. However, the symptoms indicated here may be indicators of other conditions and infections and they can only be conclusive if at least 3 of these are visible.

If you think you may be around 2 weeks pregnant or so, then it is a good idea to get a pregnancy test to be certain. Begin the steps to good prenatal care and see a physician to confirm pregnancy. The 1st signs of pregnancy can show up as early as 2 weeks, so be sure you keep good track of your periods. Other symptoms of pregnancy don't show up until later, such as anemia or swelling. But one thing is for sure, these early signs of pregnancy eventually show themselves.