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Baby Collectibles and Gifts

Collectibles and gifts are what makes the nursery special! Friends and family love to give gifts that your baby will treasure as a keepsake. Let's face it, collectibles and gifts are really fun to pick out too!

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time for any family. Men and women who are not parents usually have a more difficult time choosing new baby gifts. Knowing what to buy for a new baby does not have to be challenging. Avoid purchasing duplicates of what other non-parents choose for new baby gifts, be adventurous, and show up with unique new baby gifts that the new mother will cherish.

Once a baby is born, new moms have very little time for themselves. The baby must come first. Diaper changes, feedings, playtime, and colic can eat up the majority of a day’s hours. There are certain gifts new moms should ask for and certain other things that fall into the category of collectibles. There are "must haves" and "wants". Here are just a few ideas for collectibles and gifts you can let others know are on your list.

One item in most newborn homes are a lifesaver and must be added to a list of thoughtful new baby gifts. The infant swing is often the only item to place a screaming infant. The soothing rocking motion of the swing will keep an infant quiet for at least a few minutes. Therefore, on any list of important new baby collectibles and gifts, a swing should be at the top of the list!

It's a good idea to request a heating pad or hot water bottle for warming up the crib before placing your new baby in it. While shopping for collectibles and gifts for the new baby, consider a plug-in heating pad.

Many babies grow accustomed to mom’s smell. Many cologne manufacturers create unisex fragrances. CK One is a fragrance that is good for both a husband or mother to wear. This simple trick can make it easy for your husband to take over feedings on weekends. The normally breastfed infant is fooled and settles down with a bottle quickly. It is not a typical gift, but purchasing unisex colognes for new parents can be exceptionally helpful new baby gifts.

The last item that no mother should have to live without is a baby sling. When shopping for new baby gifts, definitely look into baby slings with good shoulder padding. It can be a life-saver.

Thinking outside of the traditional box when it comes to new baby collectibles and gifts will be appreciated. A unique and unusual collectible gift for the parents will ensure you won’t be copying someone else.

When time passes by and you look back, hopefully there are small treasures to help remember the childhood memories. Your baby is the most precious gift! Along the way, take time to gather special keepsakes like baby's first birthstone ring, stuffed toys, games, or even coins and newspapers from the year your baby was born. While the value cannot be measured, the memories triggered by those special thoughts of yesterday are priceless. Don't underestimate the value of collectibles and gifts that age with time.

Take just a little time to create a place in the baby's nursery to place special items that you don't want lost along the way. Make a scrapbook to store cards, flowers, ribbons, and other unique baby collectibles and gifts you want to save.

Baby gifts are abundant the first year. Write down as many as you can along with those many other special "baby firsts". Keep track of who they are from along with words of wisdom for a walk down memory lane on a rainy day!