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Baby Nursery

When you find out you are pregnant, one of the first things you will want to begin is planning the baby nursery. There are so many decisions to make about how to decorate the baby nursery. First, decide on a baby nursery theme and color. This will make the job easier when it comes to selecting certain baby furniture, wall hangings, crib bedding, and baby toys.

Start with an idea for a theme for the baby nursery. Then, choose primary colors. Next, make a list of those things you want to decorate the baby nursery with. And finally, make a list of essentials to stock in the baby nursery. Baby toys are naturally among the most fun and favorite baby nursery necessities!

Baby Nursery Essentials

The baby crib is probably the largest and most important item to choose for the baby nursery. It will set the tone for the rest of the room. Many selections in baby cribs are available and when it comes to a baby crib, but it is always a good idea to buy new. There are many reasons why and there is a ton of information in our article here all about the baby crib. Whatever you do, do not cut corners on cost when it comes to the crib for the baby nursery. There are many safety features available that add peace of mind for you and your family.

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Baby Toys - Stock up on small rattles and soft toys for your infant. Toddlers enjoy other toys, but at first, a little mirror and maybe a small mobile will be very entertaining for your baby. Give the only Bear still made in America -- a Vermont Teddy Bear.

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Other essentials - Stock up on formula, disposable diapers, and lotions. Be sure to get baby wipes and a small diaper pale. You will also want to invest in a room humidifier with mist, a digital thermometer, and a baby monitor! Changing tables are a nice addition to the baby nursery, but be sure it has rails and straps to hold the baby in place. A changing table should also have shelves to store goods.

Enjoy this time while you can plan the baby nursery into the room and look you want. Start planning your baby nursery theme, colors, and arrangement in your second trimester. The baby nursery will take some planning and you will want to take your time. After the baby arrives, it will be much harder to plan or rearrange the baby nursery and you probably won't have much time! So get started today.