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Meaning of Names

Do you consider the meaning of names before you pick one for your child? Ever wondered about the meaning of names for your baby? Having a child is a beautiful thing and new parents across the world will welcome in new members of their families on every single day of the year. With these celebrated additions, parents will have many choices to make in regards to how they raise their child; Protestant, or Catholic? Store bought foods, or homemade? Public or private school? But what about what about when it comes to picking baby boy names?

But before any of these decisions are made, there is one decision that is the most important one of all. This decision will be for life, and only legal action and a lot of paper work will be able to reverse it. This decision may cause your child to be bullied in school or be given a cool nickname to carve into his desk. This decision may be seen in lights one day, or even go down in history books. So what, you may ask, am I referring to? The answer is, a name, or really, "The" name you are going to grace your child with. The name that he/she will be known as for the rest of the days. The name that will inevitably become his or her identity; and therefore, baby names and their meanings play a huge role.

There are unique baby names to consider as well as commonplace. There are names from deceased family members, favorite authors and college mentors that all will be taken into account. And yet even for those who are the least superstitious of us all, more often than naught, the meaning of a name plays a great role in choosing the name for your child. You may considering the name of a beloved Great Uncle that passed on when you were a child, but when it is discovered that his name in fact means ‘empty space’, suddenly it is not so appealing.

When searching for the meaning of names, we find ourselves often leaning towards names that mean something that is important to us. Perhaps you hope your daughter to be ladylike, and feminine. Thus, you are drawn to the meaning of names that represent flowers, seasons, or pleasant feelings. If independence is a trait you value, something more along the lines of high mountains, and constellations might be more your style. If it is your son you are choosing a name for, one that represents brain over brawn might be your preference, or vice versa.

Choosing unique baby names based on the background meaning has become so popular these days that there are entire books and websites devoted to the topic. Articles in parenting magazines discuss the importance of selecting the ‘right’ name, as well as parents hope they have indeed chosen the perfect name. Whatever name is chosen for a child, it may help to lessen the pressure on the parents to keep in mind that in the end, it is not the name that lends credence to the individual, but rather the individual that empowers their name.