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Name brand maternity clothes don't have to be expensive. Now Motherhood Maternity stores online have $6 shipping every day. Enjoy Motherhood clothes for women who are just 2 weeks pregnant, growing through trimesters, or nursing after the baby arrives. Every step of the way, Motherhood has something that fits. Maternity skirts, maternity jeans, and maternity dresses are some of the basics. Now, Motherhood maternity stores are among the very few online stores where you can find maternity plus size clothes that actually fit. And they aren't just big, they are designed to fit your special maternity plus size.

Most of the department store clothes maternity sections carry a very small selection. At best, you will only have a few kinds of maternity jeans, let alone career maternity apparel. For example, the maternity jeans should have a stretch panel that reaches down just above the hair line. But most of them you find hit the tummy much higher, making them feel tight and binding. While these types of pregnant clothes offer some support late in pregnancy, they are not helpful in the first six months. It is hard to justify the cost of a nice pair of maternity jeans you are only going to use for 3 months!

One of the really fun lines at Motherhood Maternity stores are their maternity pajamas. They are so unique and colorful. Most of them offer the nursing openings so you can wear them after the delivery. But mostly, they have little lace trim, or ribbons, or just a wonderful cotton fabric that feels so light and fresh! Other maternity pajamas are stuffy looking, heavy, and old fashioned. And if you try to find maternity pajamas at a regular department store, they are very difficult to find.

Right now, Motherhood Maternity stores have great deals that will save you lots of money. So, check out Motherhood Maternity clothes before you go anywhere else and save.